Cần tuyển Freelancer Marketing

Freelancer Marketing:

Ashavi is market research & technology company.
Website: www.ashavi.com
We have Facebook, Linkedin page, and website.

Our focus: Market Research & Technology.

Job Requirement: (All KPI must meet every month)

  • One freelancer doing Marketing task.
  • Write content (Eng + Vietnamese) both for website and FB, Linkedin. (min 8 articles/ month).
  • Email marketing: 2 types of email per week. (Require: 2 email/ week)
    Email about credentials
    Email about Market Update.
  • Run advertising if need (Base on demand, but not frequent).
  • Create small Marketing Plan for each month with specific target. Example: This month, promote Market Research, with key words: Customer Satisfaction. Create the small action plan to promote it.
  • Cold email to potential clients (10 emails to 10 different companies per week).
  • Create small fun survey on website, and collect data, and do small report for it. (Not critical, we can help you, and guide you).

Other requirement:

  • 6 month contract minimum.
  • Know about wordpress, FB, Linkedin upload.
  • Basic Digital Marketing skill
  • Good English writing skill (we can teach you).
  • Time Management & Planning Management.
  • Growth Hacking mindset

Working type:

  • Email from ashavi.com
  • Flexible time.
  • Salary: Competitive.
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